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“Rocío in spite of it all” is a wrap!

Shalim joined Marlene Forte and Lidia Ramirez in the Musical Cabaret "Rocio, in spite of it all" written by Oliver Mayer. This show debuted at the King King cabaret in Hollywood and just wrapped at the end of July. This is how the L.A. Times describes Shalim’s performance: “silken-voiced Shalim steals several scenes as a dazzled fan who befriends these dueling divas”.

Shalim produces “La Aventura” for ‘Haunted Forest

Once again, Shalim writes and produces another title song, this time for Mauro Borrelli's upcoming psychological thriller "Haunted Forest", starring Sevy Di Cione.. In “La Aventura” Shalim fuses hip hop rhythms  with unique story-telling lyrics about the mystery of the woods. Check out for more details.

Spin’ is picked up by  Voy Pictures (Vivendi/Universal)

Feature Film “Spin” directed by Dan Neira has found its new home with latin branch of Vivendi/Universal’s Voy Pictures. It is expected to be released mid January ’07. Official Premier will take place a week prior to its release, and the official Spin Tour will Kick off first quarter 2007. Stay tuned for more information on the cities that Spin will visit across the United States and Latin America.

Shalim Ortiz joins ‘The Art of Travel’

Shalim Ortiz wrapped filming on location in Panama for the feature “Art of Travel”. This film includes an A list Cast such as Chris Masterson (Malcolm in the middle), Johnny Messner (Anacondas), Brooke Burns as well as Maria Conchita Alonso. The Film will be released first quarter 2007.

Shalim is one of the ‘20 sexiest bachelors’

Shalim Ortiz has joined the prestigious list of ‘People Magazine’ in spanish to be one of the 20 sexiest bachelors of 2006. In the article Shalim says: “Sexy is: freedom of speech. To be able to live something that’s contagious. Anyone can be sexy. Everyone has something, it’s about letting it out.” Click on image to be directed to the “Imagery” section where you can view the full res. file.

“Rosario” Music Video World Premiere...

The music video from the acclaimed single “Rosario” finished filming in California the month of October. The location of the video was at the famous dry lake “El Mirage”. The video was directed by renowned director Dan Neira (Spin), and special guest Magic Juan is also featured. Stay tuned for the world premiere date.

It’s time for ‘Yuniol

Shalim Ortiz has finished negotiations and is now on the set of ‘Yuniol’, an urban drama directed by Alfonso Rodriguez. A dream cast has joined the feature including Frank Perozo, Hemky Madera, Charytin Goyco and Milly Quezada as Yuniol’s (Shalim’s) mother. ‘Yuniol’ is expected to release theatrical April 2007. Stay tuned for updates.

Mark your calendars: Dec. 5th  -’Rosario’ online street date-

The single “Rosario”, title song for ‘Spin’ will officially release worldwide on this date. It will be available on iTunes, AOL, and every major online music distributer. Enjoy.

Shalim and ‘Cory in the House

Shalim Ortiz will be a special guest star on Disney’s new hit t.v. show ‘Cory in the House’. The show will be taped in front of a live audience and his character is ‘Nanoosh’: a singing superstar from the country of ‘Bahavia’. Stay tuned for the series premiere in January as well as Shalim’s special guest appearance.

‘Yuniol’ Premiere- Critics approve!

This Monday, April 16th, Dominican Republic payed homage to the premiere of the awaited film “Yuniol”. Critics are describing it as ‘probably the best film in the country’s history of filmmaking’. About Shalim’s performance: ‘He accepted a great challenge due to the nature of his role, and prepared himself for the character to a point where he stands out with his performance’. Yuniol hits national theaters April 18th.

Charytin Goyco, Shalim Ortiz, and legendary merengue sensation Milly Quezada (who plays Shalim’s mother in the film) at the premiere of ‘Yuniol’ in Dominican Republic

Shalim ‘Engaged’ on Webisodes

As the internet takes the front row on the entertainment world, Shalim has finalized negotiations to star in the new webisode series ‘’. He will be playing the role of Miguel de la Vega, a romantic, starving musician with big dreams. The first webisode will be launched June 16. Stay tuned for more information!

‘Gurdian’ haunts this summer...

Shalim Ortiz has finalized negotiations to star in his first supernatural thriller ‘Gurdian’. He will be playing the role of Wally, a construction worker who is hired to restore a haunted house. Christa Campbell (The Wicker Man) is also attached to the project. Filming begins in June, and will see the light early ’08.

Shalim... on ‘Heroes’

Shalim Ortiz has just landed a major recurring role on the hit T.V. show ‘Heroes’. He will be playing the role of ‘Alejandro’ who is Maya’s (Dania Ramirez) brother. Their powers are being kept under wraps. The new heroes will be introduced on the upcoming second season this fall. Stay tuned for more information.

‘The Winged Man’ joins Shalim with Oscar Nominee

Shalim has just signed to join the cast of ‘The Winged Man’, a short film under the umbrella of the prestigious AFI (American Film Institute). The piece is written by ‘Oscar’ nominee Jose Rivera (Motorcycle Diaries). The film relates the story of the ‘Winged Man’ (Shalim) who is the last of his kind. Ana Ortiz (Ugly Betty) is also attached to the project.

‘Engaged’ Premieres Today

Don’t miss Shalim as Miguel De La Vega on the webisode series ‘Engaged’. The show premieres tonight at 9pm eastern exclusively on Engaged.Tv . Don’t forget to sign up for updates on the show.

Shalim Ortiz on ‘Entertainment Weekly’

Shalim Ortiz is featured on the current issue of ‘EW’ as one of the new heroes. This is a special issue dedicated to the ‘Heroes’ Season Premiere. Don’t miss it! Click on image to go to the ‘Imagery’ section to watch a larger version.

Shalim Ortiz gets ‘Best Actor’ nomination on the Casandra Awards

Shalim has received a nomination for best actor for the prestigious Casandra Awards that celebrates national and international projects in  the Dominican Republic. This nomination was for his performance on the dominican film ‘Yuniol’, and he also shares it with his co-star Frank Perozo. Congratulations Shalim!

New awaited 3rd musical production under works...

It is our pleasure to announce that Shalim is going back to the studios to start recording his 3rd album. This new album will include completely new material with a big surprise. “All I can say is that I am in a brand new stage in my life, and this is probably going to be the most sincere music I will co-write and produce with very special people to me” expresses Shalim to a Florida newspaper in a phone interview . Stay tuned.

‘The Winged Man’ premiere @ AFI

Tonight Shalim assisted to the premiere of the much awaited short film ‘The Winged Man’ written by Oscar Nominee Jose Rivera.The film will debut in some major festivals which will be announced shortly. Stay tuned!

Marta McGonagle, Shalim Ortiz, Marya Mazor and Jose Rivera at the premiere of the Winged Man at the AFI Building in Hollywood

Shalim and his family get the ‘stache’, superhero style...

People Magazine in Spanish premiered this month the new ‘Got Milk’ campaign. This time it was the Ortiz family’s turn, and the  ‘superhero’ theme was inspired by Shalim’s participation on the hit show ‘Heroes’. Click on image to go to the photo gallery and see a larger size.

Shalim Ortiz joins ‘Expecting a Miracle’

Shalim is currently on set of his new film titled ‘Expecting a Miracle’ where he is co-starring with industry legends Cheech Marin and Jason Priestley. Also this ‘Feel good’ Drama includes Teri Polo (Meet the Parents) as Jason’s lovely wife. Catch the film in October and stay tuned for more details!

Cheech MArin, Jason Priestley and Shalim Ortiz on the set of ‘Second Honeymoon’

50 most beautiful ’08

the verdict- mother and son...

Shalim once again joins the 50 most beautiful list for the 5th time in a very special way. The prestigious magazine decided to do a double spread celebrating the successful careers of Shalim and his mother Charytin Goyco. The issue is now in stands and record breaking sales are expected this year. Click on image on left to see the full size on the imagery section.

Shalim joins Loris Lai’s ‘Partigiano’

Shalim Ortiz joins the cast of the short film ‘Partigiano’ from the prestigious AFI (American Film Institute).  The film includes Actor/Director ‘dream team’ Sevy Di Cione and Loris Lai. Also attached to the cast is ‘Edoardo Beghi (Haunted Forest). Shalim plays a partisan with his first italian speaking role. Stay tuned for more information.

Loris Lai, Sevy Di Cione, Shalim Ortiz and Edoardo Beghi on the set of ‘Partigiano’.

Loris Lai, Sevy Di Cione, Shalim Ortiz and Edoardo Beghi on the set of ‘Partigiano’.

Shalim and Mickey make quinceañera’s dream come true!

Shalim joined forces with various celebrities to turn Disneyland in California a magical place for a group of girls. These girls were selected based on their courage and grace to overcome the challenging circumstances they’ve faced in their lives. Tune in Univision Network May 26th (Cristina) to watch the one hour special.

Ortiz: one of the most elegant of 2008.

Shalim Ortiz has just been named one of People en Español’s best dressed this year. He shares the list with renowned A listers such as  George Clooney, Javier Bardem, and David Beckham,. The issue celebrated Ortiz’s unique style of choosing between casual and classic for a ‘black tie’ evening. Click on image to the left to see the article

Shalim attends the 2008 Imagen Awards as a nominee.

Ortiz attended the prestigious Imagen Awards celebrating latino talent in the film and tv industry. He was nominated for best supporting actor due to his performance on the show ‘Heroes’. He also presented an award for best supporting actor in film, which was taken by actor Eugenio Derbez.

Shalim and his wife Lesley Ann Machado on the red carpet of the Imagen Foundation Awards.

‘The Art of Travel’ available... now.

Love traveling? Love exploring? Love spontaneity? Add this amazing adventure to your DVD collection. ‘The Art of Travel’ tells the story about cause and effect. When we take risks and see how far they take us. Go to the ‘Store’ section below and click to purchase your copy available today!

a ‘Hero’ on ‘CSI Miami’

Shalim Ortiz has been tapped for a special guest star role in the new season of the hit television drama 'CSI Miami'. He will be playing a key figure in the investigation of a murder. This will be Ortiz’ first television appearance since completing the full second season of 'Heroes', which is now available on DVD.

Ortiz as ‘Carlos Bullet’, on the ‘natural set’ of The Art of Travel.

Ortiz: One of 30 under 30

This month’s issue of ‘Latino Future’ Magazine celebrates the most successful  young latinos in arts, sports, entertainment, music and fashion. Shalim is one of these 30 latinos that have influenced the entertainment industry. Click on the image to the left to be directed to the ‘Imagery’ section and see the article.

Shalim joins the fight against Illiteracy

Shalim joined various celebrities in the fight against illiteracy, by becoming a part of the tour ‘Read Across America’. He visited the Anderson Elementary School in Los Angeles, CA. In his visit, Ortiz read various books to kids and shared his personal experiences. This was followed by a Q and A with the kids, where Ortiz gave them his advice to accomplish their dreams. Please support this cause.

Shalim Ortiz on the set of ‘Touched

Shalim Ortiz is currently portraying the role of ‘Jimmy’ on the intense drama ‘Touched’, which is expected to debut in 2009. The cast includes amazing performances by Shirly Brener, Holliston Colleman and Sevy Di Cione. Producer Jackie Watson is also the writer and creator of this unique story. Check back soon for more updates.

Shirly Brener, Shalim Ortiz and actor Sevy Di Cione on the set of ‘Touched’.

‘Expecting a Miracle’ hits #1 all across the board!

‘Expecting a Miracle’, starring Shalim Ortiz, gave the Hallmark Channel the #1 cable program of the night, #1 cable movie of the week, and boosted the family-friendly network to rank #1 in Prime Time for the day. Congratulations!

Ortiz ‘double dipping’ in anglo series.

Ortiz finds himself in the middle of two series. He is currently playing the lead role in episode 20 of ‘Cold Case’, which will air April 12. He is also a cast member of Lifetime’s new original Mini-Series ‘Maneater’ starring Sarah Chalke (Scrubs). ‘Maneater’ premieres May 30 on Lifetime. Stay tuned!

Ortiz as ‘Gonzalo Luque’ on the set of ‘Cold Case’.

‘Maneater’ official site launched.

Lifetime Television has just launched the official site of the Mini-Series ‘Maneater’ starring Sarah Chalke. Ortiz is part of the main cast where he portrays the role of Pablo Hernandez. Click on image to the left to access the new site and don’t miss the series premiere on May 30th.

    Shalim Ortiz has just visited the Dominican Republic to launch the new Yoka campaign where he is the main figure and spokesperson. The concept of the campaign is ‘Vanity Fair’ meets Shalim’s lifestyle in Hollywood.

    Ortiz has just landed the lead role in the new fantasy romance ‘Sangre de Familia’. The project is in the hands of the new mexican ‘dream team’ Eduardo Rossoff and Rigoberto Castañedas. Shalim will be filming at the beautiful port of Mazatlan and Mexico City during the summer. Stay tuned for more updates.

The intense drama ‘Touched’ has been officially selected to  world premiere at the DRGFF held in the Dominican Republic on November 18th. Ortiz will attend the premiere and introduce the film for the first time, along with the rest of the cast. This is the festival’s 3rd year and it celebrates the best films with the slogan: ‘Global Themes, Personal Stories’.

Official: ‘Touched’ will world premiere at DRGFF.

Shalim is part of ‘Sangre de Familia

Ortiz launches ‘Yoka’ yogurt campaign

Congratulations to Shalim and Lesley from all of us here at for the birth of their first son Liam Michel Ortiz. Many great wishes!

    As announced by the Hollywood Reporter, renowned mexican actor Raul Méndez and Ortiz team up to star in the Crime Thriller ‘April and May’ helmed by director Jose Luis Gutierrez. The feature by Goliat Films is currently filming parallel with Goliat’s other production ‘Nomads’ starring Lucy Liu. ‘April and May’ is expected to premiere 2nd quarter 2010.

Méndez and Ortiz re-team for ‘April and May’

Ortiz on his most challenging role yet: Fatherhood.

    The world premiere of the feature film ‘Touched’ in the DRGFF was a success story. Ortiz’s producer debut received a standing ovation and amazing critics by the local and international press. Among the positive reactions include the president of the Dominican Republic Leonel Fernandez who labeled it an ‘instant masterpiece’. Log on the official site of the DRGFF for more information.

Shalim Ortiz along with Presiident Leonel Fernandez and First Lady Margarita Cedeño de Fernandez at the ‘Touched’ world premiere.

    Shalim Ortiz and his wife Lesley Ann Machado introduce their son Liam Michel Ortiz exclusively on this month’s edition of the prestigious magazine. He also talks about his current projects and the premiere of his two upcoming films. Magazine is available on stands now.

    Verizon and Shalim have joined forces for their new campaign airing nationwide. The ad was photographed by cinematographer Claudio Miranda (Oscar nominee for ‘Curious Case of Benjamin Button’). Click on image to the left to go to the ‘Multimedia’ section and watch the t.v. spot.

Ortiz ‘collabos’ with Oscar nominee for Verizon

Shalim and Liam Michel on the cover of People en Español

President Leonel Fernandez: “Touched is a masterpiece”.

    As one of the busiest young latino actors in Hollywood, Ortiz is leaving a large footprint in the independent film industry this year. Some of the films he has just finalized include french/american thriller ‘Villa Captive’, ‘Silver Case’ and ‘In a Pickle’. Ortiz will be juggling between music and acting for the rest of the year, since the release of his awaited 3rd production is just around the corner. Stay tuned for more updates.

Ortiz on the set of his new music video directed by David Impeluso.

     We have just released Shalim Ortiz’ official YouTube channel, where you will find trailers for his latest films, and his most recent musical work. Stay tuned for the world premiere of Shalim’s new music video coming soon! just released!

A big 1st and 2nd quarter, and a busy rest of ’10.