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The music I’m ‘vibing’ these days...

This is Shalim’s personal journal, interests, etc. etc. etc...

    Welcome, and thank you for visiting my official website. It’s been a while since a good one had been built, so it was about time.

    I requested to have a section where there are no rules, and were everything didn’t have to be corrected and spell checked (although I must confess, I will run spell check after I finish typing this).

    It’s been a long road, and I just wanna thank all the fans who have supported me and my music for so many years. Now I’m facing a bigger challenge: to combine my two passions of acting and music.

     I just got back from Panama, where I was shooting in the middle of a jungle my latest movie “ The Art of Travel”. Worked with an awesome cast... and very talented. My character was this hot-headed spaniard, but I won’t tell you more so I don’t spoil the movie.

    Anyways, just wanted to say hi, and thanks for your support. Hope you enjoy the site, and well as all the people that helped build it. It’s not a one man show, you know...

                            Love and Music,



This is some of the music I have in my iPod. Matisyahu is one of my new favorites. I love his mix between reggae sounds and his powerful voice and lyrics. Gorillaz has always been one of my favorites. I love music that’s comfortable to the ears, but at the same time original. They definitely know how to break the rules of commercial pop. Buena Vista Social Club is simply a classic. Their blend of cuban roots combined with Ibrahim Ferrer’s unique delivery just makes them incomparable. Remy Shand is probably one of the best R&B fusion vocalists you’ll ever hear. His voice almost sounds like another instrument in his tunes. He’s definitely up there when it comes to a complete and ‘thought of’ production.

This was my first gig ever. I personally designed the “S” on the uniform. That was my only condition. Oh, and they had to pay me half upfront.

     ‘Life is a long 
distance flight, 
only vertigo 


In which video                  does this           “flaming tattoo” image appear?

Shalim’s younger years...

The family...

A very important article for me. It wasn’t just about my projects and plans, but the mission of “Diabetes Forecast” is to let us understand more on how to live a healthy life and the “dos and don'ts” when you live with this condition. There is diabetes in my family and I personally learned a lot about living a healthy life just by doing it. I think this magazine gives an example of how positive and productive the media can actually be.

Gustavo Cerati’s ‘Ahi Vamos’  - insane!

Very few times I find an album that simply becomes a gem in my collection. This is Gustavo Cerati’s new work. I have personally followed his career since the legend rock band ‘Soda Stereo’ (probably like half of the world out there). I would dare to say this is the album from Cerati we’ve all been waiting for. It gathers influences from his past, and mixed with future sounds, the way he’s been able to do it since the early 80’s. I find a new favorite track everyday on this production, and I don’t get tired of it. I only get this way about an album very very few times, so take my word for it. my personal favorites are: ‘Jugo de luna’ and ‘Medium’


    I am in a new, completely renovated stage of my life. Life has turned itself to a whole new chapter, and this time with the blessing of peace and fulfillment. I am currently working on some new projects, that above all, will be sincere and from the heart. Wether it is acting, or music, the beauty of the arts is that one can express so many different messages and emotions through it. I have decided what my message is going to be, and it will be a message of love. Love for one another, patient, pure, caring. Lets not forget the real essence of why we are here, and why we should give love every second of our lives.

May God bless all of you always.

Phil Wickham: ‘Cannons’ ... breathtaking.

    This artist is one of the most beautiful discoveries I have yet found in music. Not only his blend of sounds and instrument give a perfect mix of modern, yet beautiful layers of rock and pop. I saw Phil Wickham in concert recently, and not only he is even better live, but his message on Christianity and the love he has for Jesus is contagious. He is a great example for everyone who wants to hear the beautiful message accompanied with a simply breathtaking sound and voice. Highly recommend it.